Snooper said to bag AUD $1m in funding led by Microequities

Snooper said to bag AUD $1m in funding led by Microequities

Retailer data platform Snooper has reportedly bagged AUD $1m ($755,000) in its latest funding round.

How Wealthy Special Interest Groups Spend Billions Using The Supreme Court! Pastry ASMR pt5

The video discusses the impact of court cases on campaign finance laws in the United States. The Davis v FEC case struck down the Millionaire’s Amendment, allowing wealthy candidates’ opponents to bypass contribution limits. In 2010, the Citizens United v FEC case ruled that corporations and other associations could make independent donations for political campaigns, creating super PACs and non-profits that keep their funding sources secret. The McCutchen v FEC case in 2014 further expanded on this by declaring contribution limits unconstitutional, allowing for the growth of joint fundraising committees that solicit extensive checks from wealthy donors. Overall, these court decisions have led to increased independent spending by wealthy donors and eroded transparency in campaign finance.
00:05:00 In this section explains that the court has affirmed the prohibition on direct corporate contributions to candidates and parties and the need for campaign contributions to be disclosed to the public. However, the majority’s decision granting new powers to dark money groups has undermined this assurance, making it easier to hide the sources of campaign funding.

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This is a Clip from the Vlog “r/IRS Questions,” which hopes to provide a steady path of information for the /r/IRS Reddit community and anyone interested in tax compliance. This channel also features the latest Internal Revenue Service news, IRS commentary, and tips from tax expert John R. Dundon.

Justin Moore reveals how to maximize sponsorship revenue and brand partnerships on EP25 of TWIDM

On EP25 of This Week in Digital Marketing, hosts Jacky Chou and James De Lacey talk with guest Justin Moore about the current creator economy landscape, strategies for engaging brands, and identifying problem companies. They discuss the standard operating procedure for sponsorship sales, the inefficiencies of the “spray and pray” approach to outreach, and how creators should navigate brands offering only gifts instead of payment. The conversation also covers gifting agencies, sponsorship packages, and pricing strategies. Justin shares his sales background and insights into the standard follower count a creator should have before pursuing sponsorships.

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TAT 15 – Greener grass, defamation lawsuits, IVA Tax refunds

TAT 15 – Greener grass, defamation lawsuits, IVA tax refunds, and more

In this TAT I discuss the following topics.

Horrific rains
What might have been – the greener grass syndrome
Weather reports
People getting their panties all up in a wad
IVA tax refunds – the process
Defamation lawsuits

Instagram: @shaderdon

If you can’t walk on water, freeze it


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Global Value Fund, a world of opportunities

Microequities Asset Management Chief Investment Officer Carlos Gil, provides a deep dive into 7+ year investment fund, the Global Value Microcap Fund. Key content includes strategic long term allocation into cyber security, businesses that are simply not available on the ASX.

The webinar also covers key investment principles and how to avoid simple yet costly mistakes that can dramatically improve investment outcomes.